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 +======Simulatore di rete======
 +  * [[|Esercitazioni in francese]]
 +  * [[|screenshot]]
 +  * vde2: virtual switch and virtual cables
 +  * ns3 = network simulator v.3, genera un file XML
 +  * nam = network animator
 +  * **netanim** = produce una animazione (a partire dal file XML) ma __non__ dipende da ns3
 +  *
 +The Wide Area Network emulator 
 +WANem thus provides emulation of Wide Area Network characteristics and thus allows data/voice applications to be tested in a realistic WAN environment before they are moved into production at an affordable cost. WANem is built on top of other FLOSS [Free Libre and OpenSource] components and like other intelligent FLOSS projects has chosen not to re-invent the wheel as much as possible. 
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