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 +In 2010 I've testes Opengazer in Ubuntu 10.4.
 +A friend has helped me to compile Opengazer.
 +I got some error, then he has said me to modify the source files, and I've
 +successfully compiled Opengazer.
 +**Replace in the makefile these rows:**
 +(-) VXLDIR = /opt
 +(+) VXLDIR = /usr/local
 +(-) LINKER = -L$(VXLDIR)/​lib -L/​usr/​local/​lib -lm -ldl -lvnl -lmvl
 +-lvnl_algo -lvgl -lvnl_io -lvnl_xio -lgthread-2.0
 +(+) LINKER = -L$(VXLDIR)/​lib -L/​usr/​local/​lib -lm -ldl -lmvl -lgthread-2.0
 +(-) g++ $(CPPFLAGS) -o $@ `pkg-config cairomm-1.0 opencv gtkmm-2.4 --libs`
 +$(LINKER) $^
 +(+) g++ $(CPPFLAGS) -o $@ `pkg-config cairomm-1.0 opencv gtkmm-2.4 --libs`
 +$(LINKER) $^ /​usr/​local/​lib/​libvnl.a /​usr/​local/​lib/​libvnl_algo.a
 +/​usr/​local/​lib/​libv3p_netlib.a /​usr/​local/​lib/​libvnl.a
 +**Replace this row in the file PointTraker.h:​**
 +(-) class TrackingException:​ public exception {};
 +(+) class TrackingException:​ public std::​exception {};
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