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 +====== Formato dei dati ======
 +  * //[[neurali:R-software]]//: an interpreted computer language for statistical computation and graphics
 +  * //mriconvert//: medical image file conversion utility
 +  * //biosig-tools//: converte dati esami biomedici (SCP-ECG(EN1064), HL7aECG (FDA-XML), GDF, EDF, BDF, CWFB)
 +  * //openmeeg-tools//: OpenMEEG consists of state-of-the art solvers for **forward problems** in the field of MEG and EEG
 +  * //openwalnut-qt4//: medical and brain data visualization tool. it is able to load NIfTI data, VTK line data and RIFF-format CNT/AVR-files
 +  * //plastimatch//: medical image reconstruction and registration 
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